Foundations of SSI Program Overview

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With the purchase of the Foundations of Decentralized Identity NFT Book from you are contributing to the learning journey of a StudentReader student.  For every book purchased, 26 ADA goes towards a scholarship fund that will be distributed, via a smart-contract, to students in the Power Learn Project program, rewarding students for achievements along their journey from Learner to Earner.

Your NFT book also grants you access to an exclusive Atala PRISM SSI bootcamp. The Atala Prism bootcamp trains professionals, UX designers, and software developers to build decentralized identity solutions and ecosystems using the Atala PRISM v2 Software Development Kit (SDK). The decentralized ecosystems curriculum offers three online and interactive courses:

  • AP 101: Foundations of decentralized identity
  • AP 102: Building applications with Atala Prism
  • AP 103: Human-centric design for decentralized identity

The Atala PRISM bootcamp is a set of courses that will teach you the core principles of decentralized ecosystems and Atala PRISM v2, including self-sovereign identity, decentralized identifiers (DIDs), verifiable credentials (VCs), trust and governance frameworks, and more.

With your Foundations of Decentralized Identity NFT book, you will become part of a select group with early access to the AP 101 course, exclusive access to the Atala PRISM Product team and course creators, and office-hours with key experts.

Access the Pioneer Program

Access the Pioneer Program

Governance Documents

Student Reader Learner to Earner Governance Framework

Establishes governance about how credentials are Issued, Held, and used (Verified) in the context of our Learner to Earner system.

Read the Student Reader Learner to Earner Governance Framework 1.0


Digital Trust for the “Foundations of Decentralized Identity” Scholarship Program

Establishes governance about how funds are received, protected, managed, and disbursed.

Read the Digital Trust for the Foundations of Decentralized Identity Scholarship Program here.

Atala PRISM 101 Foundations of Decentralized Identity Course Completion Credential Governance Framework

This credential is governed externally from but fits into our governance framework. It sets how AP101 credentials are issued and, if necessary, revoked.

PRISM Pioneer Credential Governance Framework

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