Facilitating opportunities in the education and workforce ecosystems. allows students to unlock new opportunities and increase their social mobility.





Foundations of SSI Book Mint


We identify learning institutions and assist with onboarding students by issuing Student ID Verifiable Credentials

Learner to Earner

Learners present their  Verifiable Credentials to access opportunities within the ecosystem.


We partner with experts in the industry to help facilitate mentoring relationships and internships

Help Us Connect The Pieces

StudentReader only works when everyone works together. To create a more inclusive educational environment, we need all three pieces to come together and create unity, equity, and inclusivity within our community.

When you are a part of our verified institutions, you create a space for students to get equal opportunities and access to education.

As a student, you have access to classes within our community which can lead to scholarships, mentorships, and job opportunities.

As a mentor, you help shape and guide students into jobs and further educational opportunities, helping them grow and change the world.

Our Partners Build on Cardano

Our partners are vital to helping us build the Cardano ecosystem. We’re committed to growing Cardano together and creating a bright future for all. 

Bridging the Gap between Education and Opportunity

Your Future Starts Here

Why StudentReader?

StudentReader began as a way to make course materials more accessible to students, but we realized that educational opportunities were still limited, so we began to think bigger. We started our Learner to Earner program and are working toward more accessible education. 

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With the support of our partnerships, we are helping students gain access to Atala and Cryptosense classes which teach about SSI and create  NFTs; these educational opportunities help students join a  mentorship program offered by Snapbrillia, which creates employment opportunities for their mentees.

We are still evolving, but our main focus stays the same, creating available education for all. In partnering, publishing, mentoring, or learning through StudentReader, you are helping create a space for equal educational opportunities.


We streamline the process of applying to schools and make it easier to continue education without worrying about losing important documents or providing multiple copies of  transcripts and records.

Learning Institutions

We work with learning institutions and assist with the onboarding process by issuing Student ID Verifiable Credentials. This helps the students get access to the resources they need to succeed.


We partner with educators to ensure that courses meet standards and provide students with course materials. They are ensuring that students have access to quality education.


We partner with industry experts to allow students to learn about the fields they are interested in with first-hand experience and to create connections with the companies they are mentoring with.

Wallet Connect

Your credentials. Your wallet. Connect your Cardano-based wallet to share and manage your credentials.

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