Decentralized Identity 101a

Decentralized Identity 101a

Decentralized Identity 101a

Welcome Pioneer!

Your journey begins with the purchase of the Foundations of Decentralized Identity vNFT book from

By making this purchase, you’re contributing to the learning journey of a StudentReader Learner.  For every book purchased, 26 ADA goes towards a scholarship fund that will be distributed, via a smart-contract, to students identified by our partners in Kenya, Power Learn Project and Adanian Labs.  

Your vNFT book unlocks access to the AP 101 course, part of a comprehensive 3-course bootcamp.  The Atala Prism bootcamp is designed to train professionals, UX designers, and software developers in building decentralized identity solutions and ecosystems using the Atala Prism v2 Software Development Kit (SDK).  Throughout this bootcamp, you’ll learn the core principles of decentralized ecosystems and Atala Prism v2, including self-sovereign identity, decentralized identifiers (DIDs), verifiable credentials (VCs), trust and governance frameworks and more. 

SSI 101 Decentralized Identity Learning Lab

In the SSI 101 Decentralized Identity Learning Lab, you’ll focus on the foundational principles and concepts of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI).  This Includes:

  • A non-technical explanation of SSI
  • A thorough examination of SSI concepts
  • Moral & Ethical considerations of emerging technology 
  • Hands-on experience in receiving a course completion verifiable credential 



With your Foundations of Decentralized Identity vNFT Book, you’ll become part of an esteemed group of accomplished Pioneers.  More than 1000 Pioneers have successfully completed the course and dozens have even achieved the status of Astros – builders of decentralized identity products.  Many Pioneers have been founders, co-founders and developers, some have even collaborated with StudentReader, leveraging their technology to support the Learner-to-Earner journey.

Decentralized Identity 101a

Decentralized Identity 101b (scholarship)

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AI Agents 103: The DAOGEN Master

Smart Contracts 101: Student Scholarships

SSI 102: Trust Ecosystems

SSI 103: Self Sovereign Social Graph