Smart Contracts 101: Student Scholarships

Smart Contracts 101: Student Scholarships

Smart Contracts 101: Student Scholarships

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🎓 2.0: Identity, Oracles, and Smart Contracts, with Atala PRISM and AIKEN 🎓

An interactive smart contract developers course with open-source examples integrating Atala PRISM V2 using AIKEN programming language for smart contracts, and a live demo via our scholarship contract.

This proposal will create more developers within the Cardano ecosystem by accelerating and driving more adoption of This Smart Contracts 101: Student Scholarships Learning Lab.

Smart Contracts 101
4-week Bootcamp

Week 1: Understanding AIKEN Language and Smart Contract Fundamentals

  • Introduction to AIKEN Language: Explore AIKEN language and its role in decentralized technology.
  • Principles of Smart Contract Development: Learn the fundamentals of smart contract development. 
  • Hands-On Experience with AIKEN Smart Contracts: Engage in practical exercises to develop and deploy AIKEN smart contracts using Atala PRISM for decentralized identity. Explore potential use cases for AIKEN smart contracts.

Week 2: Designing the Student Scholarship Smart Contract

  • Ecosystem Governance Frameworks (EGFs): Introduction to EGFs and their importance in maintaining order and collaboration within ecosystems. Understand how EGFs support the growth and success of smart contract ecosystems.

Week 3: Implementing the Student Scholarship Smart Contract

  • Live Demonstration and Real-World Application: Witness a live demonstration of real-world smart contract applications using PRISM integration. Understand the impact of the course content through the scholarship program.

Week 4: Final Project – Building the Student Scholarship Smart Contract

Participants will apply the knowledge gained throughout the course to create their own AIKEN smart contract for the student scholarship. The final project will involve designing, implementing, and presenting the student scholarship smart contract with PRISM integration.

Throughout the 1-month course, participants will gain comprehensive insights into AIKEN language, smart contract development, and PRISM integration for decentralized identity.

The course will culminate in empowering participants to build a student scholarship smart contract, contributing to the growth and vibrancy of the Cardano ecosystem and advancing Cardano’s vision of democratizing access to secure, scalable, and transparent financial services.

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