AI Agents 101: LangChain

AI Agents 101: LangChain

AI Agents 101: LangChain

DAOGEN Learning Labs

DAOGEN is an idea incubator and product innovation lab focused on the intersection of decentralized identity, generative AI, L1 blockchain, and DAO technology.

DAOGEN Learning Labs take place within the fictional world and social network of DAOGEN, allowing for the creative exploration of these technologies.

Programming AI Agents

Step into a captivating world of code exploration and AI-powered innovation with our one-week boot camp on Python programming and LangChain AI Assistant creation.

Exploring code introduced in this DAOGEN chronicles SubStack post.

In this immersive learning experience, you will delve into the technical depths of DAOGEN, a thrilling virtual realm where possibilities are limitless. Each day brings new insights and practical examples, from setting up Python virtual environments to orchestrating AI agents with conversation memory and vector storage memory.

Together, we’ll unlock the transformative potential of large language models and prompt templates, empowering you to build your own AI Assistant for DAOGEN. Throughout the boot camp, you’ll collaborate with a diverse community of forward-thinkers, igniting your creativity and expanding your horizons.

Join us on this exhilarating journey and discover the magic of AI-driven language processing in a dynamic, hands-on environment.

Boot Camp Curriculum: Python Programming & LangChain AI Assistant Creation

Day 1: Introduction to Python Programming

  • Overview of Python and its applications
  • Setting up Python virtual environments
  • Basic syntax and data types in Python
  • Hands-on exercises and coding practice


Day 2: LangChain and AI Agent Orchestration

  • Understanding the LangChain ecosystem
  • Introduction to AI agents and their role in LangChain
  • Working with conversation memory and vector storage memory
  • Practical examples and interactive assignments


Day 3: Large Language Models and Prompt Templates

  • Exploring large language models with LangChain
  • Using Open Source models
  • Creating prompt templates for AI conversations
  • Building a foundation for AI-powered interactions


Day 4: Building Your Own AI Assistant for DAOGEN

  • Integrating Python, LangChain, and large language models
  • Designing an AI Assistant for the DAOGEN game
  • Enhancing the assistant’s capabilities with conversation memory
  • Hands-on project development and troubleshooting


Day 5: Presentations and Showcase

  • Participants present their AI Assistants for DAOGEN
  • Sharing experiences and insights from the boot camp
  • Opportunities for further exploration and projects
  • Conclusion and graduation ceremony

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