SSI 103: Self Sovereign Social Graph

SSI 103: Self Sovereign Social Graph

SSI 103: Self Sovereign Social Graph

DAOGEN Learning Labs

DAOGEN is an idea incubator and product innovation lab focused on the intersection of decentralized identity, generative AI, L1 blockchain, and DAO technology.

DAOGEN Learning Labs take place within the fictional world and social network of DAOGEN, allowing for the creative exploration of these technologies.

Project Catalyst Fund 10 Proposal

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🛠️ Open-Source Self-Sovereign Social Graph (SSSG) SDK for Person-Centered Social Networking 🌐

Join us in revolutionizing the social networking landscape with the Self-Sovereign Social Graph (SSSG), a novel blueprint that puts control back in users’ hands.

Imagine consolidating your online connections, retaining control over your data, and switching between platforms without losing your social network – that’s the power of SSSG.

Developers also stand to gain with a standardized toolkit for integrating social networking constructs into their apps. Our plan extends to integrating SSSG into DAOGEN, demonstrating the potential of this solution in enhancing user experience and community building.

By backing this proposal, you’re not just supporting user-friendly technology but also strengthening Cardano’s vision for a more democratic, user-controlled digital world.

Integrating the Self Sovereign Social Graph into applications

Week 1: Foundations and Overview

This week, students will get an overview of SSSG, DAOGEN, and the key concepts of Self-Sovereign Identity and social graphs. They will also be introduced to Atala PRISM, the identity solution to be used in building SSSG.

Week 2: Building the Self-Sovereign Social Graph

In week two, the focus will be on the design and development of SSSG. Students will be involved in creating the architecture of the SSSG and learning about SDK development. This will equip them with the necessary skills to develop a user-controlled social networking construct.

Week 3: Integrating SSSG into DAOGEN

Week three is all about integration. Students will be tasked with integrating the SSSG they’ve built into the DAOGEN platform. This will provide hands-on experience in using the SSSG SDK and will also expose students to real-world use-cases.

Week 4: Enriching DAOGEN with AI and Community Building

The final week will be focused on enhancing the DAOGEN platform with AI and interactive storytelling. Students will also learn how to use SSSG for community building within DAOGEN. The goal is to combine the power of AI with the flexibility of SSSG to create a more engaging and user-controlled social networking platform.

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