Decentralized Identity 101a

Start today! Your journey begins with the purchase of the Foundations of Decentralized Identity vNFT book from Go at your own pace via Atala Canvas LMS, Pioneer Program. Available to everyone, appropriate for technical and non-technical audiences. Time: 3-6 hours

Decentralized Identity 101b (scholarship)

Exclusive cohort for students from the Africa Blockchain Center. Completion credential redeemable by the student scholarship smart-contract for $400 USD value paid in ADA.

AI Agents 101: LangChain

Registration now open! Step into a world of growth and innovation at our one-week boot camp on Python programming and LangChain AI Assistant creation. Unleash your potential as we explore cutting-edge AI technologies and create your own AI Assistant for the thrilling DAOGEN game. Collaborate with a diverse community of forward-thinkers and embark on a journey of endless possibilities.

AI Agents 102: AI in Production

Catalyst Proposal - Please vote and help us build out this project, including the boot-camp! Embark on a game-changing five-day journey into the world of AI agent development and production deployment with our Cardano Catalyst inspired boot camp. Gain hands-on experience with Kubernetes, the backbone of scalable and resilient infrastructure, and master the art of crafting intelligent and interactive AI agents. Don't miss this opportunity to take your skills to the next level and be part of a decentralized, inclusive, and open-source community! 🚀🔧

AI Agents 103: The DAOGEN Master

Catalyst Proposal - Please vote and support building this project and learning lab! Our one-month intensive boot camp presents an exclusive opportunity to build DAOGEN Master, a cutting-edge AI assistant aimed to democratize education and drive adoption of DAO technology. As part of this course, you will step into the fascinating world of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), unravelling their power and potential.

Smart Contracts 101: Student Scholarships

Catalyst Proposal - Please vote and help us build this project and learning lab! Our comprehensive curriculum focuses on building a student scholarship smart contract using the AIKEN programming language and integrating it with Atala PRISM. Throughout the 4-week program, you'll gain hands-on experience, work on real-world applications, and create your student scholarship smart contract.

SSI 102: Trust Ecosystems

Embrace the power of Web3 technology with Continuum Loop and Student Reader. We guide your enterprise through the complex world of decentralized ecosystems, providing you with the tools, strategies, and expert advice to navigate successfully. With our tailored Ecosystem Governance Frameworks and Minimum Viable Ecosystems approach, we foster an environment of collaboration and innovation, maximizing value creation.

SSI 103: Self Sovereign Social Graph

Catalyst Proposal - Please vote and help us build this project and learning lab! Join our 4-week course to build the future of social networking. Learn to design a Self-Sovereign Social Graph (SSSG) and integrate it into the DAOGEN platform. Harness the power of Atala PRISM and AI to create a user-controlled, interactive social network. Let's democratize social media together!