Decentralized Identity 101b (scholarship)

Decentralized Identity 101b (scholarship)

Decentralized Identity 101b (scholarship)

Welcome Pioneer!

Congratulations on receiving your Student Credential from Adanian Labs or Power Learn Project, your journey begins here!

Step by Step Guide

  • Once identified you’ll be asked to create a Cardano wallet, this is where you will receive the vNFT and scholarship funding.
  • After you create your Cardano wallet, you’ll be asked to scan a code to create a ProofSpace wallet.  This is where you will hold your student credential and your course completion credential.  note: The Cardano wallet and the ProofSpace wallet are two different applications.
  • Upon receiving your student ID credential, we will air-drop the Foundations of Decentralized Identity vNFT Book to your Cardano wallet, you can use it to unlock access to the AP 101 course here

Your NFT book grants you access to the AP 101 course—a crucial part of the comprehensive 3-course Atala Prism bootcamp. This bootcamp trains professionals, UX designers, and software developers in building decentralized identity solutions using the Atala PRISM v2 Software Development Kit (SDK). You’ll learn about self-sovereign identity, decentralized identifiers (DIDs), verifiable credentials (VCs), trust and governance frameworks, and more.

SSI 101b Decentralized Identity Learning Lab

In the SSI 101 Decentralized Identity Learning Lab, you’ll focus on the foundational principles and concepts of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI).  This Includes:

  • A non-technical explanation of SSI
  • A thorough examination of SSI concepts
  • Moral & Ethical considerations of emerging technology 
  • Hands-on experience in receiving a course completion verifiable credential 

The only requirement for scholarship funding is to complete the AP 101 course of the Atala Prism Pioneer Bootcamp. Upon course completion, you’ll receive a course completion credential in your ProofSpace wallet. Once both credentials are in place, the request button becomes active. After you submit your request, your credentials will be verified, and scholarship funds will be sent to your Cardano wallet.

Gratitude to the Cardano Community

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Cardano Community for making scholarship funding for this Learning Lab possible!


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Decentralized Identity 101b (scholarship)

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