AI Agents 103: The DAOGEN Master

AI Agents 103: The DAOGEN Master

AI Agents 103: The DAOGEN Master

DAOGEN Learning Labs

DAOGEN is an idea incubator and product innovation lab focused on the intersection of decentralized identity, generative AI, L1 blockchain, and DAO technology.

DAOGEN Learning Labs take place within the fictional world and social network of DAOGEN, allowing for the creative exploration of these technologies.

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🤖 Interactive Adventures with a DAOGEN Master – AI Driven Quests ⚔️ to Learn Blockchain and DAOs 🎓

Build and deploy DAOGEN Master, an AI assistant that provides personalized guidance for DAO participation on the Summon Platform through interactive quests and in-game crypto payouts.

Build Your Own AI Assistant

Welcome to an electrifying journey where the realms of AI and blockchain intersect! Our one-month intensive boot camp presents an exclusive opportunity to build DAOGEN Master, a cutting-edge AI assistant aimed to democratize education and drive adoption of DAO technology. As part of this course, you will step into the fascinating world of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), unravelling their power and potential.

Each week, you will dive deeper, from understanding the bedrock of DAOs and the science of conversational AI to developing unique avatars that provide personalized learning experiences. But that’s not all! You will also equip this AI with memories, train it on expert DAO curriculum, and watch it come alive, generating dynamic, interactive content that engages users in a unique ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ format.

Expect a deep-dive into the heart of blockchain systems, grasping how they are leveraged in DAOs for secure, decentralized transactions and governance actions. By the end of this journey, you’ll have crafted a system where users earn crypto for learning, intertwining education and gaming in a unique, exciting blend.

Your final challenge? Measure, analyze, refine. Use detailed metrics to fine-tune the learning process, optimizing outcomes, and enhancing the user experience. As we test, evaluate, and iterate, you will gain the skills to troubleshoot, debug and improve upon your system, ensuring it delivers not just on paper, but in the real world.

Embrace this opportunity to transform the future of learning and decentralized governance, with DAOGEN Master, your very own AI assistant. Join us today, and be a part of the revolution!

4-week DAOGEN Master AI Agent Curriculum

Week 1 – Understanding DAO and AI Conversational Technologies:

The first week will be an introductory phase focused on building a strong foundational understanding of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and AI conversational technologies. This week will cover essential concepts such as the importance of DAOs, how they operate, the significance of smart contracts, and the roles of members in a DAO. Simultaneously, we will also delve into understanding the key elements of conversational AI, how it works, the role of Natural Language Processing (NLP), and the core components of an AI assistant. The learners will also be introduced to the Summon Platform and DAOGEN Master. By the end of this week, the learners will have a solid understanding of the technologies and concepts we will be building upon throughout the rest of the course.

Week 2 – Developing the AI Assistant & Introducing Blockchain:

The second week will focus on starting to build the AI assistant using the foundational knowledge acquired in the first week. The learners will work on designing and developing unique avatar identities and tailoring personalized learning paths. They will learn how to implement features such as conversation memories (LangChain), vector memories, knowledge graphs, and entity memories to create an adaptable and responsive AI assistant. Simultaneously, we will introduce the blockchain concept, its fundamental aspects, and its applications in DAOs. The learners will begin to understand how blockchain is utilized for transactions, governance actions, and securing digital interactions.

Week 3 – Integration of AI, Blockchain & DAO Concepts:

The third week will be dedicated to integrating AI and blockchain technologies while keeping DAO concepts at the forefront. We will delve into building DAO-based curricula, focusing on guides about wallets, governance actions, and completing DAO tasks. Learners will also begin training the AI assistant on this expert curriculum. We will then integrate the AI assistant with blockchain technology to generate dynamic content that drives DAO voting interactions. By gamifying the learning process, the AI assistant will offer interactive, engaging choose-your-own-adventure content. The concept of earning in-game crypto (Squircle) for completing quests will also be introduced and built into the system.

Week 4 – Testing, Evaluation & Iteration:

In the final week, the learners will conduct extensive testing and evaluation of the AI assistant. We will implement a system to measure progress through usage, completion, surveys, and assessments, enabling us to capture detailed metrics on learning outcomes. The learners will learn how to refine the content and quests based on these metrics to continually optimize learning. We will also cover troubleshooting, debugging, and improving the system based on testing feedback. Lastly, the learners will learn how to present and demonstrate their work effectively, paving the way for future deployments and developments in the field of DAO technology.

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